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Our Review gives you great savings on airline tickets hotels and car rentals. Hotwire's founders are leaders in the travel industry and these include America West, American Airlines, Continental, Northwest, United and US Airways. Hotwire works on the basis of flexibility. Their program works in a way where they are able to have access to unsold seats on flights of their airline partners as well as to empty hotel rooms and available cars at huge savings which inturn are endorsed by hotwire to its customers.

There are certain matters the customer has to be flexible at like not being able to choose a specific airline or specific times, but on the otherhand they will choose their exact dates, their departure and arrival airports, as well as their maximum connection time. Hotwire guarantees that all taxes and fees are included, that no domestic connections are more than 3 hours and that you will fly with big airlines. They have a quality promise, which ensures great travel values always from quality travel companies.

Inorder to be able to buy airline tickets, make hotel reservations or rent cars you have to create a hot wire account by entering your email and password.


Payment Method: Customer Service: Delivery Info:

American Express 1-877-468-9473 U.S & Canada -Email confirmation for e-tickets

Discover 1-920-330-9418 outside U.S & -One business day delivery for paper tickets

Master Card Canada (regular toll charges apply) - Hotel reservations and car rentals are

Visa viewed by logging into your hotwire



Contact Info:

Cimo, Inc. DBA Hotwire
333 Market St. , Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94105 US
Tel: 1-415-343-8400



August 5, 2002

My trip was good, I got exactly what I asked for. I achieved big savings due to Hotwire’s remarkable prices.

 Mary, Chicago - Illinois

August 10, 2002

There was some confusion in my travel details. I got a different room than the one I had asked for, it was very small and uncomfortable. In the end the problem was solved but I went through a lot of inconvenience.

Javed, Houston - Texas

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