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Our Review (Nasdaq: LMIN) is Europe's number 1 on-line travel site. The company is based in the U.K. The Web site is also available locally in several other large countries like Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Holland, South Africa, and Japan. provides easy-to-navigate pages with a wide and discounted selection of holidays, hotels, flights, luxury travel, train tickets, car hire, and travel insurance. When searching for a particular airline ticket you simply enter the starting point, destination, and dates and you will be provided with a list of available routes, airlines and of course the corresponding prices. also provides a wide selection of hotels at competitive prices. All transactions including ticket purchases and hotel bookings can be completed on-line. In addition to the standard products that are usually offered by major on-line travel sites, also provides restaurant reservations, tickets to the theatre and to sports events, DVD rentals and even takeaway. ranks 722 on Alexa.

Address and contact information

Last Minute Network Limited (UK Trading Company): Company No: 03538456

Registered office for both of above:
4 Buckingham Gate


Customer Services Noelle Brelsford
Business Development Alexis Bonte
Marketing Carl Lyons
Managing Director Helen Webb


Business Development Pete Flint
Investor Relations Lucy Dare
Human Resources Nicola Alcorn


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