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Our Review is a website presented to you by the world’s leading airlines. It deals with everything concerned with travelling. You can buy air tickets, reserve in hotels, rent cars and take cruises all around the world. Everything is very straightforward. All you have to do is check for availability by filling out the required forms and then click on the search button. If you are looking for air tickets you need to specify your destination as well as the dates and the number of people travelling. You will immediately get all available flights and their prices which will enable you to select the most appropriate and affordable one. Once you have made your selection, you are required to enter your Orbitz member ID and password in order to sign in (if you are not a member all you have to do is register). Once you are signed in you will be required to enter the necessary information to be able to make your purchase. Most importantly gives you the best packages and deals for the lowest prices. You will always be able to choose from the unbeatable offers that appear on you screen, you just need to click on your item of interest.

Payment Methods: Customer service: Delivery info:
Master Card
American Express
Diner’s Club
Carte Blanche
Live chat online


Electronically delivered tickets
3 to 5 days for paper tickets

Contact Info:

200 South Wacker Drive,
Suite 1900
Chicago IL 60606

312-894-5000 voice
312-894-5001 fax

Store Rating:

Customer Popularity:

Very popular site due to the quality and efficiency of what it offers as well as its 24 hour service and the great deals it provides.

Website Design:

Orbitz is a very colorful and perfect looking site. It has a very organized layout, which facilitates navigation.

Product Information:

Decisions by customers can be made without hesitation since all of Orbitz products are described in great detail.

Ordering Process:

Orbitz tries to get orders through as fast as possible. It provides tickets electronically or within 3-5 days by mail.

Customer Satisfaction and Return statement:

Customers are mainly satisfied, but incase they are not Orbitz offers refunds on certain items.


Website Performance:

The website works very well, which makes browsing it very enjoyable. All information is obtained very quickly.

Alexa Traffic Ranking: 151

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August 2, 2002

When I visited everything went very smoothly.  I will definitely use this website again.

Tamar, Miami, Florida

July 15, 2002

I had a great experience buying air tickets from Orbitz, especially since it was a last minute affair. A reliable site.

P.K. Burlington, Vermont

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